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Execution Speeds

If price is the most important factor in financial markets, then speed is a close second. Our fast execution speeds mean you get the price you see and want. Our transparency means you can hold us to account.

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Global Prime Execution Speeds

Speed to Market

Retail traders have traditionally had little to no control over how fast their trades are being executed.

Global Prime is flipping this dynamic on its head by showing trading details never before seen. We show you the latency on every hop and leg of your order so you can see how our systems and liquidity providers are performing.

If our systems and counterparties aren’t up to speed then you have every right to hold us to account.

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Global Prime Execution Speeds



Execution Speed (ms)

Forex Majors 0-100k 23
Forex Majors 100-500k 35
Forex Majors 500k-1M 66
Forex Minors 0-100k 23
Forex Minors 100-500k 62
Forex Minors 500k-1M 90
Forex Exotics 0-100k 21
Forex Exotics 100-500k 26
Forex Exotics 500k-1M 48
Metals 0-1 contract 38
Energies 0-1 contract 133
Indices 1 contract 130

Trading Servers

The Equinix (NY4) Financial Trading Hub is a state-of-the-art network of exchanges, buy and sell side firms, bank and non-bank market makers and HFTs trading servers that are located at Equinix's high-performance data centers.

Bare metal blades hosted at Equinix NY4, Secaucus, New Jersey, United States. Equinix data centres are known to be the most reliable data centres on earth.

Low-latency Connectivity

Direct cross-connects via optical fiber to all trading counterparties and technology providers within the Equinix NY4 ecosystem. We don’t share streams with other brokers. The liquidity and bandwidth is our own for faster order transmission and confirmation times (from trading counterparties).

Latency between all systems and counterparties is <1ms.

Transparency = Accountability

We show network latency between our trading counterparties and our FIX engine on every trade receipt by the ‘quote sent’ (liquidity provider) and ‘quote received’ (FIX engine) times.

We report the round trip execution speeds for both the trading platform and FIX engine for the greatest transparency.

X-Connect - VPS Co-Location

Discretionary traders use virtual desktops for improved connectivity and more precise execution, especially when connected through wireless network or public networks or via substandard connections.

Run automated trading strategies with the lowest possible latency for the best performance.

Your questions, answered.

Does execution speed really matter? Right Arrow

Fast trade execution speeds will generally mean that a trader is able to get their requested price, and therefore less likely to have slippage and increased trading costs.

Execution speeds are also indicative of the performance of the trading technology systems, and liquidity providers.

The faster a trade is executed, the better the fill rates, the lower the likelihood of slippage and the trading performance is significantly improved.

Why is execution speed important? Right Arrow

Execution speed is of vital importance in your trade being filled at the price that you hit when you executed the trade. Therefore, slow execution can result in fills that are significantly different from the price that you executed on. For price accuracy and quality fill rates, execution speed must be fast in order to ensure that your orders are filled at the correct price in line with what you have been quoted on the platform.

Global Prime takes this to the next level. We show you your latency on every hop and leg of your trade giving you total access to your execution speed data. This enables you to see how our system and liquidity providers are performing providing unique insight into the mechanisms that affect your trading.

What is Global Prime’s execution speed? Right Arrow

Our execution speed is as low as 1ms and our average execution speed on FX and Metals is 25ms.

Does my internet speeds affect my execution speed? Right Arrow

It can. Think of it like a race, whoever reaches the finish line first, wins the medal. So with trading, faster internet will generally result in being first in line for available quotes in the market, resulting in better fills and faster execution.

What can I do to see how fast my internet is connecting to Global Prime’s server? Right Arrow

A good way to gain insight into how fast your system is connecting to our servers is by checking your ping time. This can be queried from within MT4 and our support team is also able to check this on your behalf.

Can I see my latency on my order legs? Right Arrow

Yes, you can query your latency via our trade receipts that will show a complete picture of the latency on all of your orders.

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