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The Global Prime ECN

We leverage ten years of trading relationships to give you direct and anonymous access to a truly unique and diversified mix of liquidity.

Banks, brokers, hedge funds and prop traders

Global Prime ECN offers cutting edge, high performance technology, paralleled with large pools of diverse liquidity

With fully bespoke customisation options, clients can access deep and unique liquidity. Leveraging the unique credit relationships and extensive expertise in the industry, clients will have extensive opportunity to grow their FX business.

  • Completely anonymous trading
  • Trading data will not be sold
  • Leverage unique credit relationships
  • Access margin and retail order flow

Global Primes’ FX Liquidity Aggregation engine supports: Market, Limit, Stop, etc. GTC, IOC, AON, POK, etc. for a complete range of order and execution types.

Global Prime Institutional ECN

Diverse FX participants


With the extremely competitive FX market, access to healthy and profitable flow is increasingly tougher to find. Global Primes’ matching technology connects price makers to multiple types of price takers ranging from retail to sophisticated dealers.

  • Direct access to margin and retail flow
  • 1:1 relationship pricing
  • Multiple bespoke streams and private rooms available


Historically, ECN access has been limited to clients who have a prime broker. Trading on the ECN, clients without a prime broker can leverage Global Primes prime broker credit to take pricing from top bank and non-bank liquidity providers.

  • Trade through your prime broker or ours
  • Access unique and highly sought after liquidity
  • Prime of Prime access available

Matching technology

Benefit from our 10+ years dealing with various institutionals, Tier-1 banks and technology providers.

  • Credit relationships

Leverage our unique credit relationships with counterparties around the world to access tighter pricing directly from the source.

  • Decreased slippage

Through building foundational relationships with price makers, a strong emphasis is put on liquidity management leading to better execution and higher fill rates.

  • Robust liquidity for all flow types

Multiple pricing sessions to cater for specific trading characteristics. These streams are categorised by being either aggressive or passive.

  • Anonymous access

Completely anonymous access to fully undisclosed liquidity pools. In addition to anonymous trading access, Global Prime guarantees trading data is not distributed to ensure complete anonymity.

Global Prime Institutional Account

Global Prime ECN Features

Global Primes’ state of the art FX trading platform combines the essential features that support strategic trading. From sophisticated liquidity aggregation to a superior Market Making tool kit, utilising these features will no doubt enhance the trading experience. Each feature is fully integrated within our FX trading platform.

Flexible and Intuitive Graphics User Interface (GUI)

Global Primes' versatile Graphic User Interface (GUI) provides traders with complete customizable suite to monitor the market.

The comprehensive trading GUI includes the below features:

  • Customizable views by market, price, and size including VWAP
  • Single-click or multiple-click dealing
  • Order and execution status blotters
  • Savable user profiles
Trading Spreads

Smart Order Routing (SOR)

The intelligent SOR technology, constantly monitors the constant flow of liquidity focusing on quoted bids and offers from the network of venues according to predefined rules. Successful matches are immediately executed on the matching venue.

The technology utilises this information and in turn rewards higher fill rates and minimal order book sweeping to encourage similar pricing behaviour.

Trade Execution

Benefits of World Class Trading

Tight Spreads

You'll be able to trade on competitive rates and leverage our global reach.

  • We understand what you need
  • Trade with a transparent broker


ECNs and dark pools offer a way to trade in large blocks without moving the price.

  • Be a part of an elite trading community
  • Be confident in your trading decisions

Range of Markets

Get access to the world's most liquid markets. Trade 24 hours a day.

  • Keep up with your favorite assets
  • Be confident when trading

Radical Transparency

Trade Receipts - the easy way to verify your trades. Trade with confidence.

  • Make smarter decisions about trading
  • Feel like an insider when you trade

No Restrictions

We've got you covered: technical, fundamental, news, and EA friendly.

  • Learn how to trade without worry
  • Be in control of your trades

Low Latency

Fast execution speeds from as low as 1ms. Low latency execution. Competitive pricing

  • Get the best prices in the market
  • Get what you want, when you want it