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Skout is Global Prime’s in-house proprietary FIX engine. This technology allows our institutional counterparties to provide pricing as a maker, or to receive pricing as a taker, on spot FX, precious metals, forwards, and NDFs (Non-Deliverable Forwards).

Counterparties may trade on margin, or via give-up if PB agreements are established. Margin client trades will also be reflected in one of our GUI platforms (MT4 / TraderEvolution) which also facilitate position management and execution.

Skout can also make a price to compete in your stack, with customisable execution to suit different trading styles, help reduce your market impact, and improve your trading performance.

  • Taker Flow

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Access Bank Liquidity

Built For


Taker Flow

Makers can price in to Skout to access taker flow

Receive anonymous tags

Source of flow for their liquidity management

Markout Analytics

Trade markout analytics can be provided out to 5 minutes

Built For


Competitive Pricing

Access pricing from over 30 providers of bank and non-bank liquidity


FIX API for programmatic access

Numerous Execution Styles

Standard last-look liquidity, or potential to have orders worked passively via tier 1 bank algos for larger volume execution

Global Prime

Institutional Account

Pricing & Execution
Custom Options
We work with you
More Access
Tighter Spreads & Swaps
Zero Fee
Multiple Funding Options
Margin Call/Stop
120% & 100%
Min. Trade Size
0.01 Lots
Max. Trade Size
Up to 1000 Lots
*Free VPS
Trade over 20 lots / month

* 2,000 USD commissions per month requirement - commission may be negotiated but minimum comms stays the same - volume requirement increases as commissions goes down. Tiering is also possible.

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  • Min. Deposit

    $25000 USD

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