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Myfxbook - AutoTrade

Autotrade allows you to view and compare over 40 different systems and their track record.

Systems are ranked based on the lowest risk with the highest profit vs consistent growth offering one of the largest selections of financial indicators and statistics compared to other social trading platforms.

How to get started?

#1 - Open a funded Global Prime account

#2 - Link your Global Prime account to Myfxbook AutoTrade

  • No software needed

  • Trade mirroring

  • Performance Statistics

What makes Myfxbook AutoTrade a great tool for copy trading?

#1 - Systems selected fulfil a rigorous screening processing, satisfying the below requirements.

  1. Must trade from a MetaTrader 4 account with real money (no demo accounts).
  2. Connected to Myfxbook for at least 3 months and executed at least 100 trades.
  3. Minimum account balance of $1,000.
  4. Historical drawdown must be less than 50%.
  5. Average trade time must be more than 5 minutes.
  6. Average pip win per trade must be at least 10 pips.
  7. Historical return on account must be higher than 10% and higher than the maximum drawdown.
  8. Does not allow systems that use martingale/grid techniques

#2 - Systems provide accurate statistics on performance, drawdown over a certain amount of time, best and worst trades, average trade duration, Sharpe ratio, standard deviation, profit factor and much more.

#3 - Instantaneous trade mirroring from signal provider

#4 - No software needed. AutoTrade is hosted on internally managed servers

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Global Prime support MyFXBook Autotrade?

Global Prime enables clients to use MyFXBook Autotrade however, we do not provide support for the maintenance and management of the service.

Is Global Prime responsible for the trades that are executed via MyFXBook Autotrade?

No, management and maintenance of the trades are the responsibility of the client and the autotrade provider.

How can I connect my account to Autotrade?

Open a funded Global Prime account. Link your Global Prime account to MyFXBook AutoTrade. You can do so at the following link:

Is using MyFXBook Autotrade risky?

Yes, using auto trade carries the same levels of risk that are involved with trading any derivative security and losses may occur.

Can I lose money by using MyFXBook Autotrade?