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Knowing whether you are dealing with a fully transparent broker is the basis of building trust. We challenge you to ask your favourite broker 7 Questions that they should answer with a Yes/No response.

If not...perhaps it's time to switch to Global Prime.

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7 Questions to Ask Your Broker's Compliance Officer

If you aren't able to get answers from your broker then they are HIDING something from you and the community deserves to hear about it.

Copy & Paste Questions below:

  • 1. Do you profile your clients into separate books (ie A book / B-book) based on their profitability? YES/NO
  • 2. Can you categorically state that you DO NOT profit from client losses through warehousing client trades? YES/NO
  • 3. Do you notify clients when you switch them from A to B book ? YES/NO
  • 4. Can your clients increase their leverage without any assessment? YES/NO
  • 5. Do you provide some form of post trade transparency to demonstrate which liquidity provider filled the clients trade? YES/NO
  • 6. Do you allow profit share from b-book with any IBs or relationships? YES/NO
  • 7. Are you willing to disclose how much money you earned from client losses in 2020. If yes, how much? YES/NO

Tip: Send these questions to your broker's Compliance Officer.