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Foreign Exchange trading is our specialty.

We compare and rank quotes from the world largest and fastest non-bank market maker and select the most competitively priced.

We regularly compare which providers have the best price and drop the ones who don't cut the mustard anymore. That way, you'll take comfort knowing you'll get the ultra competitive prices in the market, all day everyday.

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Benefits of Forex Trading

Currency trading with competitive spreads. Access popular currency markets:

start trading forex
Low cost trading
Go long or short on forex trade
Trade Forex 24/5
Wide range of FX pairs; Majors, minors & exotics
Start small with micro lots (10c per pip)

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Spread From0.9 Pips0.0 Pips
Commission$0$3.5 per side each lot
Starting Deposit$0$0
Server LocationNew YorkNew York
Micro lot trading (0.01)
Range of MarketsAccess to 150+ global markets including FX, Indices, Commodities, Digital Currencies and more.Access to 150+ global markets including FX, Indices, Commodities, Digital Currencies and more.
One Click Trading
Trading Styles AllowedAllAll
Order Distance RestrictionNoneNone
Suitable ForAll TradersAll Traders
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Forex Trading Conditions

View our trading conditions across our full range of products to see how trading with Global Prime is your next best move.


Our spreads are consistently some of the best in the industry due to relationships with premier non-bank market makers and our dedication to lowering your trading costs.

  • Live Spreads

  • Historical Average Spread

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Margin & Leverage

Depending on where you live and which Global Prime entity you trade with, we offer flexible leverage to give traders:

  • Margin Call 120%

  • Margin Stop Out 100%

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Swap Fees

We go direct to some of the industry's leading market makers to provide traders with competitive rates across our range of markets.

  • Current Swap Rates

  • Overnight Interest Charges

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Check our Market hours for open/trading hours across all of our products.


Forex is the term used to describe the 'Foreign Exchange Market, which is considered the most liquid financial market in the world. Trading forex involves buying one currency by exchanging it for another currency, the price of which is determined by supply and demand. Currency products are traded as pairs in which currencies are weighted against one another.

For instance, AUD/USD is the Australian dollar weighted against the US dollar. If you were to buy 1 lot of AUD/USD you would be buying 100,000 Australian dollars by delivering the equivalent (roughly 65,000 in US dollars.)

Trading a leveraged security means that you have access to far more buying power within the market than your actual balance would allow. Accordingly, a "down payment" or "collateral" of sort is required in order for us to provide you the leverage you wish to trade with. This "collateral" is what is referred to as margin. Visit our Margins page for more information.

We offer competitive leverage rates which are determined by the Global Prime entity you register with. See our leverage here.

The Forex market trades almost 24 hours a day 5 days a week from Monday to Friday. The hours are 5pm ET/EDT (New York) on Sunday afternoon/evening to 4:59pm ET/EDT (New York) on Friday afternoon/evening.

Global Primes charts are set to GMT +3 (DST) / GMT + 2 (non DST).

We only charge commissions on FX and metals. Our commissions start at USD $7 per 1 lot round turn. We do not charge commissions on Crypto, US Shares, Oil, Commodities and Index instruments.

At Global Prime, you can trade FX on MT4 PC, MT4 Mac, MT4 Mobile or MT4 Webtrader. We'll also be introducing more platforms in the coming year including: MT5, cTrader, and TradingView.

Global Prime has some of the tightest Forex spreads in the world. You can find the average spreads across our range of Forex on our "Trading Conditions" page.

On FX pairs, the maximum lot size per trade that can be executed is 1000 lots.

The minimum trade size that can be executed on FX is 0.01 lots.

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