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The ECN account is the only choice for traders who demand absolute quality, performance and transparency from their broker.

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ECN Account

Are you a trader looking for the best deal?

Our new commission free account has the lowest trading costs you’ll find. You can now trade EURUSD with a spread of only 0.3 pips and no additional commissions.

Make Global Prime your next trading partner. We provide detailed trade receipts so you can see the performance of every trade execution including the liquidity provider behind your trade.

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Global Prime Client Testimonial

Our commission free account versus the competition

AUDUSD 5.19Save from 44% 9.21-44% 9.86-47% 9.6-46% 9.61-46% 10.4-50%
EURUSD 3.90Save from 51% 8.17-52% 7.91-51% 8.3-53% 11.17-65% 10.4-62%
GBPUSD 9.09Save from 15% 11.94-24% 10.64-15% 10.9-17% 15.45-41% 16.9-46%
GBPJPY 14.18Save from 7% 20.24-30% 16.69-15% 15.27-7% 33.57-58% 35.5-60%
USDCAD 7.45Save from 20% 9.87-25% 9.34-20% 10.19-27% 17.87-58% 21.3-65%
USDCHF 8.96Save from 14% 12.22-27% 10.43-14% 11.48-22% 28.51-69% 25.4-65%
USDJPY 5.91Save from 28% 9.25-36% 8.65-32% 8.18-28% 9.81-40% 11.8-50%
Fees are converted into AUD and include Spreads + Commissions (if charged by a competitor). Competitor fees are based on advertised rates visible on their websites as at 26 May 2021.Important Disclosures

Compare our account features

  • Spreads from
  • Commission
  • Starting Deposit
  • Platforms
  • Server Location
  • Execution speeds from
  • Micro Lot Trading (0.01)
  • 100+ Markets
  • One Click Trading
  • Trading Styles Allowed
  • Order Distance Restriction
  • Suitable For


Our new lowest fee model. Trade EURUSD from 0.2 pips round turn with no added commissions.
  • Spreads from 0.2 pips
  • Commission $0
  • Starting Deposit $200
  • Platforms MT4, TraderEvolution, TradingView
  • Server Location New York
  • Execution speeds from 1ms
  • Micro Lot Trading (0.01)
  • 100+ Markets FX, Indices, Commodities, Crypto, Shares, Bonds
  • One Click Trading
  • Trading Styles Allowed All
  • Order Distance Restriction None
  • Suitable For All Traders

Spreads +

Traditional ECN fee model with spreads from 0.0 pips and $7/lot commission.
  • Spreads from 0.0 pips
  • Spreads from $7.0 per round turn lot
  • Starting Deposit $200
  • Platforms MT4, TraderEvolution, TradingView
  • Server Location New York
  • Execution speeds from 1ms
  • Micro Lot Trading (0.01)
  • 100+ Markets FX, Indices, Commodities, Crypto, Shares, Bonds
  • One Click Trading
  • Trading Styles Allowed All
  • Order Distance Restriction None
  • Suitable For All Traders
Global Prime

ECN Account Features

Pricing & Execution
From 0.0 Pips
Minimum Deposit
A$ 200 or equivalent
Zero Fee
Multiple Funding Options
Margin Call/Stop
120% & 100%
Min. Trade Size
0.01 Lots
Max. Trade Size
Up to 1000 Lots
Free VPS*
*Trade over 20 lots / month
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  • 100+ Markets

    FX, Metals, Commodities, Indices, Crypto, Bonds, Shares

  • ECN Account Types

    Individual, Joint, Corporate and Trust accounts

  • Account Currencies


  • Commissions

    7 USD/lot or commission free

Trading Technology

Speeds meet demands of HFTs and latency sensitive automated traders.

  • Low Latency Infrastructure
  • Execution speeds from less than 1ms
  • Cross-connects with all parties

Your Trading. No Friction

Micro lot trading

Trade from $1 per point on Indices and 10c per point on FX + Metals

24/5 markets

Trade global markets when it suits you

No restrictions

Scalper, HFT, news trader and EA friendly

Low min deposit

Catering for all traders, top up with as little as $1

Zero fee funding

No deposit or withdrawal fees from us

Instant payments

Free & instant deposit methods

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ECN mean? Right Arrow

Electronic Communications Networks or ‘ECNs’ are off-exchange execution venues which allow market participants to trade with a range of counterparties anonymously. They are the main trading venues for OTC markets such as Foreign Exchange and Metals.

This basically means ECNs provide the technology and venue for price makers aka ‘liquidity providers’ to distribute their liquidity. Price takers (traders) can see these prices and execute trades against them. The ECN is therefore responsible for prices/quotes and the execution of orders.

See our ECN page for a detailed overview of the Global Prime ECN offering.

What account types does Global Prime offer? Right Arrow

Global Prime keeps it simple with one account type - The ECN Account. It features the following:

  • ECN ‘Best Execution’ with execution 26+ liquidity providers
  • Execution speeds from as low as 1ms
  • Commission is $7 per lot round turn
  • No minimum deposit
  • Spreads are super tight and variable
  • Automated trade receipts for the ultimate transparency
What are the fees and charges for trading with Global Prime? Right Arrow
  • We make money from commissions, spreads, swaps and interest
  • Commissions from start at $7 per lot traded round trip (FX & metals only)
  • Swap and interest can be earned or charged if your positions are held past the close of the underlying market (17:00 NY time ET/EST)
  • There are no fees for funding or withdrawing from our end however, your bank may charge intermediary bank fees or conversion charges, it is recommended to check with your bank to ascertain this prior to funding
  • Find more information here
What is the minimum amount needed to open a trading account? Right Arrow
  • There is no minimum starting balance however, we recommend no less than 200 AUD or the equivalent in another currency
Is Global Prime an ECN broker? Right Arrow

Global prime offers a true ECN experience. We can prove this on everyone of your trades with automated trade receipts. These show the bank who filled your trade. Find more information here.

Does Global Prime profit from your losses? Right Arrow

All client trades, and therefore market risk, is passed on to Global Primes liquidity providers. Our A-book model means that your trades are not internalised, rather they are filled by our liquidity providers. This means we do not profit from your trading losses.

How can we verify this? The transparency provided by our world's first ‘automated trade receipts’ enable clients to query vital trade information on every trade, directly from within the client portal. This feature enables you to see the full order book at the time of your trade as well as which liquidity provider filled your trade.

Are scalping, hedging, EAs and HFT allowed? Right Arrow

All strategies are welcome at Global Prime. We don’t have restrictions on trading and we don’t interfere with your trades. We do however stress the importance of risk management and will generally only ever contact a trader when their risk is too high.