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The Global Prime Story

Elan Bension and Jeremy Kinstlinger share the Global Prime story.

Discover how Global Prime was born.

If only it was that easy!

How time flies! It seems like only yesterday that we were learning how to become profitable traders.

The concept of being able to trade from anywhere in the world and making a living on your own terms has great allure to it. You wake up in the morning, jump on the computer, trade for a couple of hours, and then spend the rest of the day with your family. No boss to answer to, no deadlines to meet - just you, your computer, and the world.

Most brokers won’t tell you this - earning consistent profits in the markets is a journey that isn’t mastered overnight. It takes years of perseverance, endurance and a commitment to understanding yourself and your impulses.

Bringing institutional trading benefits to individuals

During our trading days, our broker of choice was Global Prime. Other brokers we tried couldn’t come close to their pricing and execution.

In 2011 the management of Global Prime asked us if we could join the team and take Global Prime to the next level. Overnight we went from being traders to running a brokerage. We decided to open up Global Prime's transparent institutional Forex offering to retail investors and that idea has been in our DNA ever since.

Today in 2020, we continue to see it as our mission to bring the benefits of being an institutional trader to individuals with every trade and every interaction.

Better and fairer pricing and execution

Having a proper institutional grade liquidity setup allows us to aggregate pricing from 20+ tier 1 banks, non-bank market makers and ECNs to provide our traders with access to the best liquidity, cleared through 3 prime brokers. We make this setup available to our retail clients who get to experience the same pricing (usually better) than our institutional clients.

A key benefit of being an institutional trader is the added transparency you get over your trades, i.e. post-trade transparency - where your order was executed, the latency, slippage, market depth, etc.. We now make this data available to individual traders.

Interests aligned

Most brokers focus their attention on extracting as much money as possible from their client’s losses. This is known as the practice of running a B-Book, where the broker stands to earn the entire balance of a client’s account. This is a massive conflict of interest that is seldom disclosed to traders and that doesn’t have a place in financial markets in 2020.

Our focus has always been on getting our clients pricing and execution right. We provide trade receipts to give our clients the peace of mind that we don’t stand to profit from their losses through a B-Book. We’re deliberately transparent about how we make money and potential conflicts of interest to set a new standard amongst brokers and new expectations from traders.

Having our interests aligned with our clients is our number 1 priority. We see it as our duty to provide trading conditions that amplify a traders success.

Thank you

The best affirmation that we can receive from our loyal clients that our mission has merit and that we’re bringing them a trading experience unlike any other broker is a positive review on Forex Peace Army.

We love reading reviews left by our clients on Forex Peace Army and are proud of being one of the highest rated brokers on there (4.7/5).

If you are serious about trading please consider us as your broker partner - our team lives and breathes the markets and would love to help you out. If you’d like to chat to Elan or I please reach out, we will always make ourselves personally available to our clients.

We look forward to providing you a home within a safe trading environment.

Yours faithfully,

Elan Bension & Jeremy Kinstlinger